What genre of music is the hardest to play?
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This is certain to get a few sparks flying!

In one corner you have the classical players with perfect form, dynamics and attention to learning a vast repoitore.  In the other corner you have heavy metal players with focus on speed, crazy licks and pushing the boundaries on guitar.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the genres commonly associated with guitar playing.

What genre of music is the hardest to play?


For me, this is definitely a style of music that needs proper study, knowledge and practice individually and with other band members.

With Jazz the first steps often will be learning your 7th chords and chord extensions such as 13th chords and major 7 #5 chords.

You will also need to know many scales, modes,arpeggioss to be a competent Jazz musician.  As you learn to solo over more complex chords your knowledge of the guitar and the notes you are playing will need to be greater.  Yes you can get away with knowing the Major scale and landing on the right notes but if you just do that you will eventually get caught out.

Jazz involves a great deal of figuring things outand experimenting in practice.  You can’t just steal licks without understanding why they work.

Butdon’t let me put you off this genre.  it’s extremely rewarding to improvise over Jazz standards and is very achievable to begin soloing confidently over a 2-5-1 chord progression within a short period of time.

Heavy Metal/Shred

I might just be a little biased on this one.

More often than not, speed is the focus in this genre!  Get those metronomes out of the cupboard.

Shredders will often spend hours getting their licks as fast as possible increasing there speed week by week.   they will be proficient in many areas including tapping, sweep picking, legato and alternate picking.

If you want to be a recognised shredder you can’t just be good at one area or your listners will get bored.

Particular detail is spent ongetting cLear sounds with minimal noise and movement.

Here is a video of one of the greats, Paul Gilbert



With classical style of playing, great dexterity is required in both hands.  The right hand is a focus as much as the left and position is highly focused upon

You focus alot on learning pieces in classical guitar which is a challenge itself often.  Lots of time will be spent on the smallest details of each piece. Classical guitarists will begin learning theory and notes early on which a lot of metal guitarists may ignore.  This often puts a lot of people of initially.


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