The unusual side of guitar
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The unusual side of guitar

Usually we post informative, fun and popular songs on our blogs and twitter feed.  However I want to look at some videos of the more unique and out there players/ideas just for fun.  Most of the players I post now have pushed the boundaries of what is achievable on guitar.

So sit back and enjoy something a little more unusual and be inspired!

The unusual side of guitar

Jon Gomm – passionflower

This is amazing.  you have to watch this.  how Jon Gomm uses the tuner pegs as part of.the melody is a genius idea.

Enjoy the video below.

Last of the Mohicans – violin bow

The next guitarist uses a violin bow to play the opening line to the soundtrack of The last of the Mohicans movie.  not complex but pretty smart and clever.

Watch below.


Eight finger tapping

Well eight fingers is always better than four eh! I’m not sure how long this guy practised but I have a feeling it was a lot!

Bill Bailey six neck guitar

I had to put this video in for a laugh.  Have youever seen a six neck guitar before? Well you have now!

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