The benefits of using a metronome
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The benefits of using a metronome

Mention using a metronome and most people either go “what’s that” or “That isn’t for me.   It’s true it’s not for everyone but the benefits it can bring to you as a guitarist and musician are really worth while.  let’s have a look at some below.

1. Improved timekeeping 

Playing with a metronome will help increase yourrhythm skills.  For a lot of people keeping in time solidly is a problem.  If you have never played with a band before using a metronome before hand is good practice.

Using a metronome will point out any weaknesses in your timekeeping.

2. Increased speed

By using a metronome you can assess how fast you can play certain licks and riffs.  As the weeks go by you should increase the tempo.  The metronome will ensure you can constantly challenge yourself by reaching new speeds.

3. Helps motivate

By using a metronome you can set yourself goals.  For example as mentioned before, speed goals getting faster each week.  or rhythm goals getting harder rhythms faster and tighter.  Strumming pattern- getting those strumming pattern faster.

4. Improve listening skills

Using a metronome forces you to listen to something other than yourself.  Often as guitarists we try and get as flashy and fast and fancy as possible but what’s the point if we don’t keep in time!!!!!!!!

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