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Ok, the good news is by reading this it means you are looking to get better as a musician (unless you have stumbled on this by accident) but how do we do that? How do we progress as musicians in the fastest time possible?

Well, one of the most important things is this.

Be patient!

With time, practice and a good teaching you will become the musician you want to be.  Don’t rush things!!  Enjoy your time being creative, spend time working on just one area of the guitar for example, like soloing with the major scale, or bending.  Or nailing that new Britney Spears song (yes, that was a joke)

But I find motivation is a key aspect to progressing as a musician.  The more motivated we are, the more we practice and the better we get.

How can we motivate ourselves?

  • Play with other musicians
  • Go to jam nights
  • watch videos on youtube (Not for too long or you will get too tired)
  • Set up a practice log
  • Learn a new style of music or instrument (banjo, ukelele)
  • Buy some new pedals/instruments







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