Richie Kotzen
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London guitar school

London guitar school

I remember the first time I heard Richie Kotzen.  He was in the spotlight column in the Guitar Player magazine, the premier magazine of the day.

He cut his first album for the shrapnel label, showcasing his explosive and melodic guitar playing.

Later he was chosen to replace Cc Deville in the glam rock band poison.

Remember Richie Kotzen

Richie Kotzen Co wrote two of the bands biggest hits “stand” and “until you suffer some”.  Eventually he was kicked out of Poison for having an affair with the drummers wife (not endorsed by The London Guitar School)

In 1999 Kotzen replaced Paul Gilbert as guitarist in the mainstream rock band Mr. Big, performing on their album Get Over It.

Richie then left Mr Big and reelected hs first solo album “Shine”.  He has found great success in Japan but iisn’t often regarded as highly as say guitarists like Slash, Eric Clapton or Paul Gilbert yet he is an immensely talented songwriter, singer and musician.

He is fast, unique andoriginal.  He has recently begun playing without a pick for his latest tours…..incredible.

After numerous solo releases, Richie eventually formed a supergroup with Billy sheenan and Mike Portnoy, The Winery Dogs seen below.

So Richie Kotzen is highly recommended here at LGS.



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