Knowing the notes on your guitar
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Knowing the notes on your guitarNotes-at-the-5th-Fret1-1


Knowing the notesof you’re r guitar is very important if you want to progress on your instrumunderstand thew are just a few of the benefits of knowin. Notes.

1. Understand what you are PlayinG better

As you learn your favourite songs, riffs and solos, knowing what notes your using will help you undetstand the theory behind those songs.  You will begin to see why certain chords go together well and how riffs are made up.  You will see what makes chords minor, major and more.

Create you own music better

As you begin to know your notes better the easier you will find it to write and create your own music.  You wont Be relying on just visual shapes anymore.  You will also find working with other musicians alot easier and they will love working with you more as you quickly find notes when jamming/improvising

You will be able to read music and play it

If you know your notes then you can.learn to read music.  A valuable skill for any professional musician or developing musician.

Move your riffs and ideas to other parts of the guitar

When you know your notes you can start to movie riffs and melodies to other parts of you guitar.  This will increase your freedom and expression on the guitar.

So I highly recommend learning the notes above on your guitar.  You will be able to quickly play power chord riffs and play barre Chords quicker.

Try taking it in steps.  Learn the notes on the E string one day.  Then the A string the next and so on.. Your guitar teacher will explain about sharps and flats and how things work and show you patterns and shapes and ways to remember the notes easy.

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