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Learn to play the music you love with the most dedicated and enthusiastic tutors in London! Get started today with Guitar Lessons London.Learn From Pro Guitarists Through A Proven Guitar Method Centrally Located in London.London Guitar School intent is for every student is to have a solid foundation, be inspired and play the music they love.London Guitar School philosophy for teaching–get students playing music they love ASAP.Our lessons feature world class guitar teachers who are there with you every step of the way!

London Guitar School are friendly, qualified, professional, experienced and patient guitar teachers  offering versatile lessons packages with each students musical interest and progress in mind! These packages feature 100% exclusive learning materials that are guaranteed to put you on the fast track to playing REAL GUITAR FAST! The LGS Guarantee !  One-on-one lessons are available as well as group lessons in a relaxed studio environment or a London Guitar School teacher can visits the student’s home. Beginners are very welcome.

  1. ✓ World Class Guitar Lessons from an experienced and qualified instructors!
  2. ✓ Unique audio/visual resources exclusive to London Guitar School Students!
  3. ✓Learn and understand methodically from a caring professionals!
  4. ✓ 24/7 advice from professional musicians who care about your progress!
  5. ✓ Learn to play songs you enjoy!
  6. ✓Lead, rhythm & solo guitar playing!
  7. ✓Technique & improvisation!
  8. ✓Composition & tune writing!
  9. ✓Music theory & its practical application!
  10. ✓All levels beginners welcome!
 Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London

It All Starts With Your Intro Lesson! Call Now to Reserve Yours! 07957 230 354! Guitar Lessons London With our structured but flexible approach, London Guitar School addresses each student differently, customising our curriculum for your own musical ambitions, whether you’re eager to play your favorite songs around a campfire, ready to master the fretboard after many years on the guitar, or just intent on becoming the next guitar god. Be sure to check out all the free articles and videos here at London Guitar School . Styles: All skill levels for rock, blues, jazz, folk, pop. Guitar lessons London. We provide guitar, bass guitar and ukulele lessons in London. All levels- beginners to advanced. Blues, Jazz, R&B, Hip-hop, Folk, Pop, Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Celtic and Latin styles. Fingerstyle and flatpicking. Music theory as it applies to guitar. Fretboard navigation and mastery. Dobro, Bottleneck Slide, Fingerstyle both blues and other, Flatpicking both bluegrass and other, Improvising and soloing, Music Theory applied to guitar, General guitar applicable to many styles.

Guitar Lessons London

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