Guitar Lessons for Children

Guitar Lessons for Kids London with London Guitar School offering high-quality guitar lessons throughout the London area.We can visit you or you can visit us.We guarantee to be extremely effective, organized and patient.London Guitar School will expertly  guide you to your child no matter what level of guitar player they are.Beginners welcome! 

 Kids Guitar Lessons London specialises in teaching guitar lessons to children. We have a lot of fun in the guitar lessons but we are also very conscious of staying on track and making sure the essential lesson content is learned.  It is very important to move the lessons along in such a way as to provide a feeling of accomplishment, encouragement, and joy.  Over time, london Guitar School have developed an approach for beginner guitar lessons which gets to playing songs quickly while maintaining good technique. diligence, and accuracy in the performance.My lessons are energetic and fun, but we know how to ensure there is real learning happening.  Kids Guitar Lessons London  design our guitar lessons around each individual student and strive to keep the lessons light and enjoyable while also aiming for a high standard of education. Whether you are looking to play for pleasure at home, around the campfire os at school, want to learn practical music theory for composition and/or improvisation, we have brilliant lessons for all levels and styles from beginner to advanced and from ages 6 years on up.

Kids Guitar Lessons London