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There are many great guitarists out there.  But I want to take a look at a few who have really made an impact on me growing up as a teenager learning to play guitar.  Maybe the following are new names too you, if so check them out!


Steve Vai

Steve Vai is avirtuoso musician.  He is a pioneer of the instrument and studied under another pioneer Frank Zappa.  He has created many unique sounds and certainly pushed the boundaries of what is achievable on guitar.


Eric Clapton


Who doesn’t know this guy.  A very tasteful player and one of the most influential of all time.  He isn’t the most technical but he makes that up for playing just the right licks and.writing classic riffs such as lala and wonderful tonight (great for any beginner guitarist).  Recently he has steered more towards the acoustic songwriting side of things but that’s ok, I think!


Zakk wylde

The reason I like Zakk wylde is how he gets so much out of the pentatonic scale.  He often keeps things relatively simple in terms of note choices and scales but his sheer speed and vibrato will beet anybody.  He has played with Ozzy Osborne but currently plays with his the black label society.


So that should do for now.

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