Too often as musicians we can get caught up in the rut of learning other people’s songs and never find the time to write our own music, songs and riffs.Finding your individual sound and tone on the instrument

This is by no means a bad thing.  A lot of people want to learn their favourite tunes and riffs and are happy. GREAT!

But! Do you want to sound unique? Do you want to have a sound that people will recognise as you?

How Do we do this?

1. Set aside time to create your own songs and licks.  Have a goal of coming up with something new each week by setting aside a half hour for creativity. You will be surprised at how much this may help.

2. Take (steal ;-)) other ideas from your favourite players. For example if you hear a great Eric Clapton lick, learn it then put your own stamp on it. Maybe add a few new notes to.the existing lick.

3. Study other players. Similar to above, watch your friends play and try and get ideas from them. Hear a great.chord progression you like? Learn it then perhaps strum it differentlyand with different vocal line.

4. Find your tone. Spend time working with amps, guitars and pedals. Sound however you want to sound.

5. Try different guitar tunings. Always a great way to help you come up.with new sounds and ideas

6.. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to use effects such as loop pedals to.great effect. Check out the video below for a great example of someone pushing the envelope!!

Luca Stricagnoli – The Last of the Mohicans (Acou…:

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