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A Great Lesson
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What makes a good guitar lesson? 

Music is one of life’s greatest pleasures and so is learning an instrument.  It is important that learning should be fun.  Yes, it will be challenging at times but thats what makes playing new songs, chords and solo’s all the more fun, as you see the progression you make.  I have been lucky enough to have had some great teachers throughout my music degree and privately as well and have learned a lot about different teaching styles and methods and what really helps and benefits students.  I would now like to share my thoughts on what makes a great lesson.

A Great Lesson

  • First off, your teacher and lessons should be fun.  You should be looking forward to your lessons every week and learning that new song or bit of theory to make you a better musician.  At the London Guitar School we enjoy seeing our students leave with a smile on their face!
  • Your teacher should be enthusiastic!  You need someone who has a passion for teaching and music no matter how long they have been teaching.  It is a privilege to help people learn a new hobby and help improve their musicianship so we make sure to be enthusiastic for every lesson.
  • You should feel relaxed.  You want to be comfortable in your surroundings and not worry about getting things wrong or taking time to nail certain things.
  • Preparation!  Let’s be honest if you want to get better you do have to put even just a little bit of work in.  Coming prepared to lessons having done your practice will always been quicker and better progress.
  • An experienced teacher will always be a good thing, there’s just nothing like good experience.
  • Proper notes and books for a student to take home.  Too often I have seen teachers constantly scribble things on blank paper and not provide proper song sheets or theory books.  Rest assured these will be provided if anyone needs them or we can recommend the best books out there to buy.
  • A teacher who invests.  Finally, your teacher should plan for lessons when needed to help you grow as a musician.  They should help point out any weaknesses and strengths and not just try and get thought the lesson quickly.

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