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10 Secrets To Good Guitar Playing
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10 Secrets To Good Guitar Playing

Remember the best way to become the musician you want to be is practice, jam and get out there and gig.  in the meantime check out these tips.

1.  Be patient!

Good things come to those who wait.  put in the hard work and you will deep the benefits

2.  Have fun!

Simple.  Enjoy playing your music!

3. Play with other musicians

Playing with other musicians is the best experience you can get.  So try and get out of the bedroom and get yourself along to a jam or an open mic night or something like that.

4.  Get good tuition

Check out the guys at (ahem!)

5. Listen to lots of different styles of music

Listening to different styles of music will help open your eyes and enable you to become a more versatile musician if your willing.

6.  Use your ears

If something sounds good to you, it sounds good.  Don’t be afraid if people don’t like your music, stick to what you believe in.

7. set goals

Try and achieve new goals each week.  Perhaps a new chord a week or a new song a month.  Or aim to gig every month in an open mic night

8. Jam over backing tracks or your favourite songs

One of our favourite things to do here is to play our scales over our favourite songs or backing tracks and construct our own solo’s and ideas.  It’s a great way to come up with new idea’s and melodies

9. go to concerts

What better way to be inspired and grow as a musician than to go and see some of the best in action or your buddies.

10. Ask for feedback

Don’t be shy on this one.  Ask a good friend or family member for some feedback on a song you have wrote and watch the delight in their face after you play them your song or solo.



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