What can you expect in a first lesson with The London Guitar School?

My names Is Aaron and I am a tutor at The London Guitar School. (www.londonguitarschool.co.uk)

We often get emails and calls form musicians, parents and all sorts of people enquiring about what our lessons are like.  Well let me tell you a few things below I guarantee about your first lesson with us –


It will be fun

Guitar Lessons London Chelsea

Guitar Lessons London Chelsea

Well you can’t have it another way!!  We say it all the time but learning an instrument should be a joy and something that lifts you out of doing the same mundane things of life.


You can be relaxed and not nervous 

How often should I practice the guitar?

All our teachers want you to be relaxed.  If your nervous, take a deep breathe and realise you don’t need to be and our teachers will work you at apace your happy with.

You will leave playing something really cool

Ben poole

Maybe not as cool as this guy!!  But we make sure you go home being able to play something like “seven nation army”, “Sweet home Alabama”, or “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.  All these songs achievable in one lesson.  Cool right?



You can learn at a pace thats good for you


Guitar Lessons East London | Guitar Tuition in East London

Guitar Lessons East London | Guitar Tuition in East London

Don’t worry about not being musical.  We hear that often and then are blown away by the speed people pick up the instrument.


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