The Pioneers of Funk Music

funk music was once the coolest thing around.   Right now the closest thing we have hitting it high in the charts is stuff like “Get lucky”.  The following tracks spear headed the Funk genre, hope you enjoy!

The Meters

Widely regarded as one of the most important early funk bands, they formed in 1967 by keyboard player Art Neville in the USA.  Familiar hitsinclude “City Strut”and “ease back”.


And the check out –

“Look Ka Py Py – The Meters



There are currently two forms of the Meters inexistence.  One called The Funky Meters led by Art Neville and one called The original Meters lead by Leo Nocentelli.

The Isley Brothers

With a history spanning 5 decades these guys hold the record for the longest running charting band.  Pioneers in their own right, they released “it’s your thing” which topped the R n B charts in 1969.

Checkoutt the song on the link Below-


Kool and the gang

Formed in 1964 by bassist Robert Kool Bell.

The banoriginally started as a Jazz quartet but by the end of the decade had changed their name.and musical direction.  Throughout the 70’s the band achieved worldwide recognition for their slick, funky grooves!  They still record and tour to this day.

Kind of Funky – Kool and the Gang




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