The Caged System 1 – London Guitar School


The CAGED system is a very large yet simple step in the right direction for the guitarist of any level. It teaches things as basic as understanding the fretboard, all the way to understanding and playing different modes. If you want to learn to solo like your favorite guitarist, it starts right here.

The Caged System 1 - London Guitar School
The Caged System 1 – London Guitar School
Guitar Lessons London -Open-CAGED- Chords
Guitar Lessons London -Open-CAGED- Chords

The CAGED system is a set of five different scale positions which, when linked together, show you every possible note within any given key. C – Open C Shape, A – A Shape Barre @3rd Fret, G – G Shape Barre @5th Fret, E – E Shape Barre @8th Fret, D – D Shape Barre @10th Fret.More to follow soon! The Caged System , London Guitar School, Caged ,london guitar school

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