The best guitar magazines

The best guitar magazines

Just a quick post to look at the guitar magazines we recommend and that make you a better guitar player.

The following magazines are usually always found in your typical newsagent or WHSmith.

Total Guitar –

I used to buy this all the time when I was a teenager.  Great for Rock, metal and whatever is trendy with the kids in the music scene and always up to date.  it usually features a fair few songs to learn as well as riffs and interviews.

Great for beginners to intermediate players

Total guitar magazine london guitar school




Guitar techniques

This is my favourite magazine currently.  It caters for more competent and advanced musicains and always has a load of varied content.  It covers every type of music imaginable from country to dance to shred and you will always be inspired and motivated by at least something in each issue.

Good for anyone wanting some motivation or inspiration for something new

Guitar techniques magazine london guitar school




Guitarist magazine

This is a magazine often focused more on news and reviews rather than playing.  Good if you want to read while travelling or something like that.  It always has informative articles.

Good for reading rather than playing tips

Guitarist magazine London guitar lessons


learn those guitar terms you never knew!

learn those guitar terms you never knew!

Let’s have a look at what those

learn those guitar terms you never knew! Guitar Lessons in London

learn those guitar terms you never knew! Guitar Lessons in London



A term referring to the height of the strings above the fretboard.



When each note of a chord is played separately, For example a C major 7 arpeggio would have the notes C, E, G, B.

Blues Curl

A term used to describe a quarter note bend by blues guitarists.  Really good for expression

CAGED system

A system of identifying patterns of notes on the fretboard by using a repeating sequence of chords.


Ascending and descending by semitones


A technique in which thetremolo bar is depressed in order to create the sound of a bomb being dropped.

Economy picking

A style of playing that combines alternate picking and sweep picking.  Alternate picking is used when playing notes on the same string and sweep picking when.changing strings.

Double stops

A chord of two notes that are on adjacent strings and similar frets.


Refers to the thickness of guitar strings.  Light gauges are easier for bending while heavier gauges are better for sustain

Ghost Note

A note that is physically acted upon but not heard for example the first note of a pre bend.

Hybrid picking

Using the fingers and pick to play the.strings


The ability of a guitar to be in tune with itself.

Inverted Chord

A variation of a chord with the notes in A different order.  For example C Majors notes of. C, E and G would be played G, E and C.

learn those guitar terms you never knew! Guitar Lessons in London