essential guitar pedals for a gigging guitarist

Essential guitar pedals for a gigging guitarist



Today at I want to take a look at pedals I would consider a necessity for a gigging musician in any situation.



Overdrive/distortion pedal



overdrive pedal guitar lessons

First on my list as I personally feel its the most important.  An overdrive pedal allows you effortless and quick switching from a  clean sound to a distorted sound.  The OCD Fulltone (pictured above) is my personal favourite, great sound, tweakable sounds and versatile.  Whatever you do make sure you try out a pedal with your guitar before you buy it as pedals will sound different with humbuckers, single coils ect.


Delay Pedal




Another personal favourite of mine!! I love a good delay pedal.  I feel it helps me get a BIG sound, think The edge from U2.

Above is the Strymon timeline.  A very new but popular delay pedal.  It is a multidimensionl effects pedal and is not cheap.  There are equally good and more simple delay pedals out there so don’t think you need to spend a huge amount.

Check out this link for a video demonstration


Chorus pedal




Chorus pedals are great as they can be subtle and add that extra spark or flavour to a riff, or chord progression.

Above is the Boss chorus ensemble.  This pedal lets users create any kind of chorus effect–from a mild, natural chorus to the clear and penetrating stereo chorus effect popular in contemporary music.


Wah pedal



crybaby wah pedal

A really fun pedal.  Great for rock and metal solos but also great for disco and funk.  I dont know a professional guitarist without one.  There will always be a gig it comes on handy.

Above is the classic and best selling (and cheap)  Dunlop Crybaby


So there ya go.


Which ones have you got????



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