The best acoustic guitar under £200

The best acoustic guitar under £200

Hi guys and girls,

Tomorrow I am going to buy some acoustic guitars for students of mine.

A price range I always get asked about is the popular £100 -£200 range.  Within this range you can actually get some great guitars.  I want to show you a few that are always reliable and you cant go wrong with.

Remember though that there is no perfect guitar and every hand is different so what works for one person wont necessarily work for the other


Vintage V300 Mahogany –


Guitar lessons london

Guitar lessons london

I was first introduced to this guitar by a student and was surprised when he told me the price, A fantastic beginners guitar!


Yamaha FG 700ms

best acoustic guitars

An acoustic that is hailed as reliable and a safe go to as it has made many students happy

Fender CD 100Ce


Fender are well known for their electrics but here we have a fantastic entry level acoustic.

Finally a wild card option,  Here is the

Seagull S6

Sea gull s6 london guitar school

Brand new this will cost at least a few hundred but second hand you might be able to get this for just over £200.  Worth going that little bit over if you can!!




Best acoustic guitars under £200

So your ready to learn guitar.  But there’s only one thing holding you back. You need to buy an acoustic guitar on a budget.  That’s a very common scenario so here at the London guitar school we have listed a below some great guitars to help you get started.

Vintage V300

vintage guitar the london guitar school

Rated by The Guitar Magazine in their end of year review as “Guitar of the Year” their review compares the Vintage V300 with guitars two or three times the price. Their review of the Vintage V300 says: “Outside of toy town, guitars don’t come much cheaper than the Vintage V300.

But dismiss any notions of tat, because this little concert acoustic is stonkingly good worthy of comparison with instruments two or three times the price.

The Mahogany-backed Vintage V300 boasts a solid spruce top and the tidy cosmetics include a white bound fingerboard, multi-ply body binding and a well buffed gloss finish. It even manages to load in a decent set of die-cast machine heads.

As well as benefiting from a comfortable, fast playing neck, the Vintage V300 delivers the sonic goods too. Even-handed picking clarity is the message, plus good dynamics and volume from the parlour-esque body. At this money, go buy. Every home should have one.


Fender CD-60 (various woods)

fender cd 60 the london guitar school

Few acoustic guitars can boast a combination of fantastic high grade features alongside great value prices.

The Fender CD-60 is one of the best value acoustic guitars on the market today, available here in a stylish glossy sunburst finish.


Yamaha FG700ms

yamaha the london guitar schoool

As Yamaha’s longest standing acoustic guitar range, the FGs are synonymous with great sound and superb playability with scores of guitarists depending on them as their acoustics of choice since launch in 1966. FG700MS is a fitting entry point to this classic range.

The FG700MS combines premium specification including solid Sitka spruce top, Nato back and sides, 90degree non-scalloped bracing inspired by the flagship L-Series and Yamaha’s trademark setup with an ultra-thin natural satin finish to create an instrument with a rich, natural sound and incredible feel.

So there you go, the best thing is to go and try these guitars out yourself as everybody likes different things,

See you next time for the best budget electric guitars