Quick Tips for beginner Ukulele players

Quick Tips for  beginner Ukulele players

The Ukulele is back and it’s popular

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Lets have a look at some tips we can give you here at The London Guitar School.

Make sure your ukulele is in good condition

Its very common for me to turn up at a students house ready to em….rock and the students is ukulele has strings missing or holes or….well the less said the better.  A decent ukulele can be bought for £50.  Thats nothing for an instrument as fun as this one.

Get used to tuning

Simple but effective, keep that instrument in tune for your lovely singing!!

Learn to Hold your Ukulele

This may sound stupid but it can help you a lot in the future! Take a few minutes and try some positions either sitting and standing. Don’t hold it to tight and have a nice relaxed body!  Eventually you should be able to walk and play,cool huh?

Be patient

Practice often, even for short periods of time and you will progress.  But don’t worry if it takes time!

Get a FANTASTIC teacher

Oh I know some good teachers. These guys at www.londonguitarschool.co.uk

Watch videos on Youtube

A great we us teachers motivate ourselves and refresh ourselves is by watching videos on youtube. We regularly send our students there too.  It’s fun and easy to too as everyone has a laptop these days.  Just don’t get addicted!

Perform in front of people

The more you do this the more you will geo in confidence and you will also get hooked to performing!

Learn to strum effectively

At the start you’ll probably only be doing simple up and down, up and down, up and down. But after a while you can try to add some slapping and palm muting to really get that chunky, funky and groovy feeling.  There are a few ways to strum including with picks, the thumb and fingers.  By checking our blog page and youtube page we will soon be putting up tutorial videos on strumming the ukulele