So often, a question we are asked here at The London guitar School is “what guitar should I buy first for my son, daughter or myself?”  Often we point people to this guitar depending on the budget.

First designed in 1954 by Leo Fender, the Stratocaster has become one of the most iconic and best selling guitars ever.  Everyone from Eric Clapton to John Mayer has played one.

For a good Fender Stratocaster guitar you do have to fork out a bit, like most good quality things in life.  Soenter the Squier series strat.  Affordable with a good build quality.


First of all the Squier range can get a bad name but it is 100 per cent officially a Fender product.  It’s important to buy from a reputable brand, luthier.

Squier strat’s are produced mostly oversea’s using low cost material, hence their lower price.

What I like about this guitar

It looks good!  It looks like a proper guitar and well it is too!

It has a great countered body, the classic Fender headstock and 3 single coil pickups just like the Fender stratocaster American series.  It comes with a 5 way switch and tremelo.

The tone for the price is really good provided by the three single coil strat pick-ups.  Bear in mind these can be taken out and replaced.

The fretboard feels relatively nice on the fingers, it’s easy to play and the maple neck is smooth compared to a lot of guitars at a similar price.  The “C” shape neck fits most peoples hand comfortably, a nice neutral width for most players.

As a guitar it covers pop and rock styles well but is not ht egreatest for heavy metal styles.


What I dont like

For the price there has to be a few gives unfortunately.  And with this guitar money is saved on the type of wood and electrics used.  The wood used on this guitar (alder) is not terrible by any means but it will not produce the greatest tones.

As a beginner guitarist you wont even notice this unless you have ears like Steve Vai but after progressing on your instrument you will yearn for something better.

The pick ups are also not as powerful as models higher up the line.

However as a beginner guitarist, most beginner guitarist won’t be able to tell.


You cant go wrong as a beginner guitarist with the Squier Stratocaster.

The good news is after a year or two if you want to upgrade this guitar has a great re-sell value.

The Squier series does it exactly what it aims to do, it provides a great entry point to one of the most famous guitar brands in history.


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