London Guitar School teachers favorite albums

Something a little different and fun today.  Lets look at what albums have captured your teachers hearts and inspired their playing and why.  Today we will start with myself.


I have always loved music and originally got into Nu Metal because of the heavy guitars at the forefront of the music.  Thefirst album I ever bought was,

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park London Guitar School

One of the best selling Rock/metal albums of all time, Hybrid Theory thrust Linkin Park into the forefront of the Nu Metal scene.  I personally found all the songs catchy in one way or another and loved the element of the electronics mixed in with everything.

Listen to – “One step closer” and “In the end”

Alter Bridge – One Day Remains

Alter Bridge One Day Remains

Released in 2004, this is such an underrated album.  The band members were all in the band Creed before but have been joined by new singer Myles Kennedy.  Myles Kennedy is now on tour with Slash from Guns n Roses which goes to show the extent of his talent.  What I love about this album id the riffs, hooks and big choruses.

Listen to – “Metalingus” and “In loving memory”

Foy Vance – Joy of nothing

Foy Vance Joy of nothing

I might be a bit biased on this one seeing as we are both Irish but again this is another criminally underrated record filled with amazing songs and lyrics.  The song Guiding Light features Ed Sheeran.  Its a great album to chill out to with a glass of wine and make sure to enjoy Foy’s alternative tunings.







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