What is an arpeggio?

An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played or sung in sequence, one after the other, rather than ringing out simultaneously.

You may have heard or read about your favourite guitarists and musicians who use arpeggios to improvise or create lead lines.

Why use arpeggios?

Arpeggios can be thought of as the bridge between chords and scales, linking up the fretboard.

Unlike scales arpeggios strongly support a melody while leaving out ‘unessential notes’or ‘passing notes’So.   Arpeggios can also be reimbursed easily as they are often three or four notes where as scales are often seven.

Arpeggios can give you great ideas for licks, riffs and great lead guitar.ideas when following a chord progression.  They are often safe sounding but in a good, effective way.

Let’s look at the Major arpeggio


Let’s say we have an A major chord. It is made up of A, C#, and E. Instead of playing them all at once like we would with a chord, we play them individually:



A C# E A C# E A C# E A C#…


Here is a list of all of the major chords and their arpeggios, just so you can see how they all work. I recommend playing all of these on your instrument right now!!


Chord Arpeggio



D D,F#,A

A A,C#,E

E E,G#,B

B B,D#,F#

F# F#,A#,C#

C# C#,E#,G#

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