How often should I practice the guitar?

First off its a hard question to answer.  For everyone it is going to be different.  It all depends on your goals.

Are you looking to just learn a few simple pop songs?

Do you want to be a full time musician?

Do you want to get good enough to join and sing in a band?

These are the questions to ask yourself.

Whatever your aim is, the following tips should help, and remember to have fun!


I would certainly recommend practising at least every other day if not every day initially as you begin learning your instrument.  Especially as you have the desire, passion and excitement for a new instrument.

One of the best pieces of advice I would give is to practice often for smaller amounts of time rather one big practice session a week. You will see a far better progression this way.

Another tip I give is to pick up your guitar in between watching tv programs during the ad break, or as your waiting for your other half to get ready before you head out.  These short practice or “pick up” times are great to re – cap and go over things in short periods of time.

Perhaps find the same practice time every day, say 10 minutes before bed and stick to it.

You might want a practice plan to be written out by your teacher, another helpful resource.

Its also good to practice different things, don’t keep doing the same song over and over without having a few other riffs, scales or pieces to look at.  Its refreshing and stimulating for the brain.

Also bear in mind everyone will learn and develop at different speeds which is completely fine.

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