Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Beginner Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London with London Guitar School offering high-quality guitar lessons throughout the London area. We can visit you or you can visit us.

I welcome you to the incredibly fun and enriching art of guitar playing! You are about to embark upon an amazing new journey that will give you immense joy and inspire you for years to come. Not only that: you will find that with every new thing you learn, you will fall more and more in love with guitar.I designed this beginner quick-start series to give someone who has never even seen a guitar the basic information they need in order to start playing today. By the end of this series you will have learned everything that you need to know in order to strum your way through a fun chord progression that you can use to make up your own songs.

 Basic principles of guitar playing, holding the guitar, plectrum and
Tips to help you play better.

 Playing chords effectively.

 Playing in time and together with others.

 Rhythm and playing specific strumming patterns.

Learn to play Oasis, Greenday, Coldplay, Adele, Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Beatles, Taylor Swift and more.

 Lead playing, soloing and improvisation using pentatonic scales.

 How to work out and learn the chords for particular tunes or songs.

Stay on track with extensive online resources, free class makeups and discounted private lessons.

 Playing in different keys and transposing between them.

 Plenty of chances a jam with other like minded-players.

 Playing in and understanding different time signatures.

 Effective! Join thousands of successful students.

London Acoustic Guitar Lessons

As a result: the more quickly you improve and the more effortlessly you learn, the more fun guitar becomes. That is why taking lessons, ESPECIALLY at the beginning stages, is so important for you.

The exhilarating joy you experience when learning music, comes from this confidence building feeling of achievement you get, when you can play things on guitar that you could not yet pull off the day before.