Five great beginner fingerpicking songs

5. Spanish Romance

At least the start of it anyway.  The song gets more complicated as it goes on, but my students love to learn this song and its a great introduction to helping you get used to fingerpicking as your left hand only plays on the high e string for the first few bars.  Watch the video link below and stop at 19 seconds.  The picking pattern is the exact same from beginning to end, but the rolling nature of it helps to practice keeping your fingers from tangling up in themselves. Spanish Romance

4. Scarborough Fair

A nice traditional piece.  Great for kids and young learners as well as adults.  It will help you get used to picking the right strings while playing a simple melody.


3. blackbird intro – The Beatles

A classic.  Maybe a bit more challenging due to playing higher up the frets but overall a good challenge for a beginner.

Blackbird intro

2. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (various covers)

The intro goes from G major to e minor and you pluck the same strings throughout so not too much of a challenge here.

1. Aint no sunshine

A great little song that can be played using a pick as well.



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