Five fantastic backing tracks on Youtube

Let’s have a look at some backing tracks that sound great and will help you with you improvisation skills

1. Funk backing track

One of my personal favourites.   In the key of B minor, a good speed to practice challenging licks

What scales to use?

B minor pentatonic – B blues scale


2.Eric Johnson style backing track

A track with lots of space to allow practice for fast runs, creative ideas and melodies.

What scales to use?

A minor pentatonic – A natural Minor

Metal backing track

Good for old school nu metal fans

What scales to use?

A minor pentatonic


Zack Wylde style backing track

A great backing track for working on fast pentatonic runs and legato licks and wild bends.

What scales to use?

F sharp minor pentatonic, F sharp natural minor, F sharp blues scale



Iron maiden style

Who doesn’t love a bit of Iron Maiden

What scales to use?

E minor pentatonic, G major scale,  E natural minor scale

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