Are you new to playing guitar and want to understand the fretboard better?  Or maybeyou’ve been playing a while and want to start learning your notes better so you have a better understanding of what you are playing.

Why it’s important to know your notes

Knowing your notes will make you a smarter moreknowledgeable player and musician.  As you begin to understand the notes you play you will then see why they sound good over certain chords or riffs.  For example if you want to play an arpeggio high up and then low down on the fretboard in any key, knowing your notes will allow you to do this.

When jamming with other musicians and coming up with ideas,knowing your notes will again prove valuable

Each of the strings has a letter name from our musical alphabet.  If you don’t know them already here is a rhyme to help you starting from the thickest string to.the thinnest.







That’s the easy part done.

Next you need to learn this formula

A, A♯/B♭, B, C, C♯/D♭, D, D♯/E♭, E, F, F♯/G♭, G, G♯/A♭It’ss a lot easier than it looks and your guitar teacher will help you.

Remember between B and C and between E and F there are no sharps or flats

Basically with each fret we take on the next note.

Solet’s start on the low E string. Fret 1 would be F.  Fret 2 would be F# Fret 3 would be G.

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You follow each fret up fret 12 then start over again.

We willdiscuss this more in part 2


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