Electric Guitar Lessons London

Electric Guitar Lessons London with London Guitar School offering high-quality guitar lessons throughout the London area. We can visit you or you can visit us.

These guitar lessons are designed to keep the students engaged and inspired, while at the same time delivering the fundamentals of a great guitar education.  London Guitar School have developed a high yield guitar system that works for anyone. We are delighted  to offer Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons in London for all ages. London Guitar School teach lots of children and adults, all levels and all electric guitar styles and we are conveniently located with studios dotted around London. We draw materials from an extensive library that is constantly growing and being updated with the best, tried and tested books and methods from the most respected experts in the field of guitar and Music study.  All our brilliant teachers have experience in both playing in and leading bands, performance, songwriting and composition.London Guitar SchoolLondon Guitar School are here to help you begin or continue your path of learning and realizing the art of making music in a comfortable and fun environment, whether  you want to learn how to rock, play acoustic, Improvise, learn theory or just everything, I can get you there!! Learning guitar can be a challenge, so it always helps to have a teacher that can make things as easy as possible, giving you years and hopefully a lifetime of playing satisfaction.

We teach: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Folk, Pop, sight reading, scale studies and development, Improvising, music theory, ear training, songwriting etc.. and I love working with beginners!!!!  If you want to learn a song, we will personally figure out how to play it and will make a slowed down recording of it for you to practice with.  Plus, you will get accurate TAB (form or written music) to go with your song request.Electric Guitar Lessons LondonLondon Guitar School employ several different methods depending on what your specific goal is  and  have exercises and a method designed to help you learn to sing and play guitar at the same time,  how to improvise, how to write songs or compose instrumental music, how to read music, how to play by ear, how to practice, how to solo, how to figure out how to play songs by listening and much more…We’ll show you all the tricks of the trade that you will never find in any book or video and explain how how to achieve permanent success on your musical journey.Drop us a line today.Intro Metal Guitar Lessons

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