Guitar Lessons for Children

Kids Guitar Lessons

We recognise that whoever comes to us for music instruction brings with them their own unique set of attributes and abilities. This is why we teach home visit lessons one on one. It allows us to work with each individual’s needs and maximize their natural gifts.uitar players on acoustic or electric are welcome to join us and begin learning some simple riffs, open chords, and basic note-reading. Students work at their own pace through a method book, and are encouraged to suggest favorite songs to be learned in class.If you are a young guitarist in a regular practice routine at home, and you’ve learned a bunch of basic chords, this is the class for you. Students will work on barre chords, basic scales, lead guitar skills, and popular songs.Introductory through intermediate guitar techniques in a variety of styles.
Ages: Kids and adults, ages 6 and up. Teaches ukulele to kids 4-5 guitar lessons london