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Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons
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London Guitar School have been teaching privately for almost 20 years, teaching beginning through advanced students. Lessons stress proper technique, theory, tone production, interpretation, relaxation and repertoire. In addition, London Guitar School  stresses developing an efficient and enjoyable practice routine. Students also have access to an extensive music library.The classical guitar is an amazing experience to play ! Lessons can be something you’re looking forward to.London Guitar School philosophy of teaching blends the best of the traditional with the influence of modern virtuosi.

All ages and levels

Current students range from 5 years old to many students in their 60s. Students are taught the necessary skills every musician needs to learn while at the same time being sympathetic to particular musical interests.Children Classical guitar lessons

We considers it his privilege to share in another’s musical journey and passion.A great teacher can watch how you play, isolate the problem, help you fix it and refocus on the beauty of the music.London Guitar School help you train your hands and make the classical guitar easier and seem effortless. Our fantastic teachers have an amazing ability to be patient with people learning new movements.   We always support and encourage the successful  process of acquiring habits of movement or developing performance skills.LGS can describe  and communicate exactly how to make each movement needed to play,joint by joint if necessary and teach the refined essence of playing that’s only acquired from decades of experience.London Guitar School focus attention on the good aspects of students playing, not just the things that need improvement.

Guitar Lessons London

While the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn the basics, the classical guitar is one of the most difficult to master as a concert instrument.

Buying a classical guitar need not be a great expense. Serviceable beginner guitars can be obtained for as little as £100, though a guitar for around £200 will continue to satisfy a student for years to come. Of course, there is no limit to the price of a fine instrument. Please contact Classical Guitar at London Guitar School before you buy a guitar if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you with no charge or financial interest.


As with anything, improving in music takes practice. Here are some ways to make practicing easier:

  • Set the same time every day to practice. This works particularly well for children. Generally the earlier in the day the practicing can occur, the less reminding is required by parents to get the child to practice.
  • Be sure your teacher uses professional teaching materials. There are some excellent study methods developed by professional music educators. These materials have been researched and are continually upgraded and improved to make learning easier.
  • Practice with a purpose. Don’t mindlessly run through your material a set number of times. Listen to yourself and find places that need improvement. Focus on those areas.
  • Music should be something that you enjoy for a lifetime. Try not to put unrealistic expectations on yourself or your children to learn in a set period of time.