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Beginners Rock 101

Beginners Rock 101
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Beginners Rock 101 (electric only):

THIS is where the fun really starts.!!!

Work on your lead and rhythm guitar in the context of great rock, blues and folk songs. Learn fundamental lead guitar concepts, scales and techniques and explore the lead guitar ideas of great players such as Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Muse and Jimmy Page!

Many of our students will record themselves along to backing tracks or with their teacher to learn the actual studio experience of a guitarist.
You will discover new, amazing worlds opening up on your guitar-journey.
At this level you will delve into playing your first guitar solos, or discover how to be more colorful and creative with the scale fingerings you already know

What you will learn:

  • Pentatonic scales and more
  • Basic improvising and how to build your own solo up from scratch
  • Riff of the week
  • Classic riffs such as – Smoke On The Water, Seven Nation Army,  Highway To Hell,
  •  power chords
  • notes on the guitar and how to view them and find them quickly
  • Your favourite rock songs from the 50’s rock n roll right through to todays faster metal music

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