The best rock songs to learn on guitar

So there are millions of songs in the world.  And thousands of brilliant rock songs.  Yet week after week and year after yearthere’s always the same Rock songs that come up that people just want to learn.

The following songs are great to learn, not just because they are fun but because they are great for technique and most of all impressing people (most importantly of course ;-))

So if youhaven’t looked at the following songs yet what are ya waiting for,

First up

Guns N roses – Sweet child of mine

A classic riff,recognizable straight away.  Originally Slash didn’t like the riff but the.other band members encouraged him too use it….good job they did.

Led Zeppelin

Ok, it starts chilled and not very rock star like but is this intro.not brilliant or what!!!

Rumour has it my local guitar store has banned this song from being playethey hear it so much.

A very goodsong to help with fingerpicking aswell before it rocks out to a classic solo and bridge using Aminor G and F power chords.

Basically this song has a bit of everything


muse – plug in baby

Voted number one guitar riff in the 2000’s by ‘total guitar magazine’s this is a great song.

MattBellamy has created this riff using the B harmonic minor scale before the bass and drums kick in.

Plug In Baby

Lynard   Skynard

Yes you see it here alot….butthat’s because it’s flipping awesome.

The main riff is built around three chords, D major, cadd9 and G major with fill ins. (great fill ins)

There are lots of other great hooks in the song which is whit’s so popular and well worth.checking out.

sweet home alabama

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