Best budget electric guitars

Lets have a look at some of the best electric guitars in the market today that are towards the cheaper end but still a great buy recommended here by us at The London guitar school.

Epiphone Les Paul standard


Best budget electric guitars

Best budget electric guitars


Ah, the glorious Epiphone Les Paul Standard, the answer to every cash-strapped guitarist’s prayers.

It’s got the knock-out looks, the reassuring weight, the all-important tones, and all for a considerable amount less that its American-made big brother. In fact, it’s borderline irresponsible of Epiphone to make a guitar that comes so close to replicating the Gibson classic.

Squier strat

squier strat london guitar school


Dressed in new eye-popping finishes, these Fender-designed Stratocaster guitars have a great look and feel.

With a contoured alder body, bolt-on maple neck with late ’60s headstock, three single coil pickups and standard tremolo system, the Affinity Series Strat® guitar has all the vintage vibe at a fraction of the price.


Chapman ML-1

chapman ml 1 london guitar school

Created by Youtube sensation Rob Chapman, Chapman guitars has been a phenomenon, and it was the ML-1 that led the charge. 

The first run was an almost instant sell-out, but now it’s back and in more demand than ever. The runaway winner of our poll, Chapman guitars is making serious waves and proving that you don’t need to be one of the big boys to make great, desirable guitars that people desperately want.

Described as a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of a guitar that will give you everything from shimmering clean tones through to brutal riffage (thanks in no small part to the Chapman-designed pickups), expect first-rate build quality and stand out playability. A worthy winner.

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