So just what is better for starting out your guitar journey?  This is a common dilemma many people face while starting out.

The electric or the acoustic?

Well, for starters if you can play one you can play the other which is pretty cool.

A lot of it will obviously depend on your music choice and what you want to do in the future with your music.


Are you into Bob Dylan, Ed Sheerin, Ben Howard, Oasis?  Then acoustic just might be the best place to start.

Do you want to gig at open mic nights?

Do you want to be a singer songwriter?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a guitar.  If you want to be the above then I recommend getting an acoustic.

Getting an acoustic is a great place to start and you get to take your guitar to the beach and impress your mates and sing that latest One Direction song (if you dare!!)

Keeping it simple,buy a good acoustic guitar otherwise you will be put off learning.  second hand is always a good option.



Electric guitars are also great for beginning.    There are so many easy and achievable riffs and songs to play within month of learning guitar such as

Smoke on the water

Seven nation army

Sweet home alabama

With the electric guitar you need to buy anamp and this will set you back £50 for a good second hand one.

There are also many types of electrics out there, some good for rock, some for metal, some for pop ect.

Electric guitars are great in that you can rock out and learn lots of different riffs


Whatever guitar you get you wont be short on ideas and songs to play with, and now let’s have a look at some classics below





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