5 reasons to pick up the guitar today!!


Reason number 1

You can learn your favourite songs of all time.

Who doesn’t want to lean their favourite Beatles song or their favourite Abba song?  Music is one of those things in life that gives fire to the soul!!!



Reason number 2

You can impress your friends

Lets be honest who doesn’t want to make their friends smile.  When we can play someones favourite tune its always a sure sign of cheering someone up or making someone smile.


Reason number 3

You can jam with other musicians

One of the most satisfying things is jamming with other musicians and making music, whether improvised or rehearsed


Reason number 4

Its not that hard!! Really!

Its quite easy actually.  You will come to discover how easy (with a bit of practice) it is to learn lots of your favourite songs with only 6-8 chords.  Once you learn a few rhythms and can change chords quickly you’ll be a pro in no time


Reason number 5

It could lead to you finding your future marriage partner once you become a rock star!!

5 reasons to pick up the guitar today

5 reasons to pick up the guitar today





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